Seminyak, Bali Indonesia

Design Phase : 2014
Status              : Permit Stage

Set within the busy entertainment district of Bali, WU is essentially a large 6 bedroom villa intended to function as a high-end boutique hotel.

As our inspiration we were asked to consider the ancient Chinese philosophy of Wu Xi, which refers to the 5 elements of water, earth, wood, metal and fire. These elements are reflected in both, the interiors and material selections of the building, rising from earth and water at its lowest floor through to fire at the top where pool and restaurant benefit from panoramic views towards the sunset on Bali’s west coast. All rooms can be leased independently with common areas which are open to the public.

Materials, whilst exclusively sourced locally, were selected for their high quality and finish. White limestone rises through the building in complex layers like strata, whilst teak timbers run vertically through the building, both treatments allude to the natural tendencies of the material itself, whilst smooth shuttered off-form concrete forms a third, contrasting element in what is a deliberately limited palette of materials. The materials run through the interiors where fine silks and fabrics and high gloss lacquer furniture conspire to lend a softness and luxury to the individual “keys” of the accommodation.

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