Villas and Resort
Keramas, Bali, Indonesia

Design Phase  : 2014
Status               : Design Permit Stage

A beachfront site beside a small river on the east coast of Bali is to be developed as a small villa/hotel complex. The developers are keen practitioners of martial arts, particularly Muay Thai (boxing). As a result one of the facilities offered is a professional (boxing) gym – tournaments are to be hosted within the grounds, “masters” of  various martial arts will be “in residence” across the year and a charitable foundation (centered around martial arts) is to be established for local children from the area.

The project consists of a single very large villa intended to host weddings and events, four three bedroom villas (for sale, managed as part of the complex) plus spa, games room and cinema for 20 pax. A range of bespoke furniture has been designed by GFAB for the project’s interior which is otherwise reduced to a reductive palette of locally sourced materials.

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