Villa Jantara
Koh Samui, Thailand

Design Phase : 2010
Status              : Completed – 2012

Private holiday home of a Paris-based businessman, this house is set on a steep hillside overlooking a pristine bay below.

The house has five bedrooms, and mindful of the age of the clients and possible mobility issues in the future, Gfab elected to place all common spaces (living, dining, kitchen, study, AV room) and master bedroom at the highest level along with the pool.

Living areas and master bedroom are separated by a garden space and accessed by covered pathways. The pool is an “L” shaped and wraps 2 sides of the living room; decks extend beyond at both sides and provide extensive external living and lounging  spaces at a single level. Below this the various bedroom blocks appear as a series of “pods” perched on tall fin like stilts and grouped around a covered landscape court dominated by a rock outcrop.

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