The Iman
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Design Phase : 2012
Status              : Completed – 2014

The Iman is a five bedroom luxury holiday villa set amongst the curving rice paddy that typifies this area of Bali on a gently sloping site. The owners purchased two plots in a subdivision where the developer specified single storey construction only.

In order to free up as much of the land as possible for lawns and play areas for the owners young family, GFAB elected to place two of the bedrooms within the pitch of the terracotta roof itself. The steeply pitched roof is created using locally made traditional terracotta tiles and forms much of the entry elevation, the tiles being organized similar to a frieze/bas relief.

Upon entry, such interpretations of traditional architecture are abandoned to create an internal landscape of planted terraces. Materials empl oyed are kept to a limited palette of locally sourced stone, timber and rough shuttered concrete.

The house is separated by the 25 m pool, into two distinct “blocks”, the lower of which has its own access and allows the owner to lease part of the villa independently should the case arise.

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