House Supernova
Bali, Indonesia

Design Phase : 2009
Completed      : 2012

Supernova is a private 8 bedroom home of an expatriate family who relocated to Bali from Tokyo in 2011.

The main body of the house is a dramatic remodeling and extension of an existing home which is now entirely unrecognizable. During the demolition phase, GFAB stockpiled timbers from the original design and sought to use these in the creation of the screens which make up a significant part of the external appearance of the building which is close to a busy intersection in the Echo Beach area of Canggu.

The owners imagined that they would do a lot of entertaining and the scale of the common areas reflect this intent. They also envisaged having long term guests as befits their change of home base, having left Tokyo and much of their friendship circle established over 20 years of residency in Japan’s capital. To provide for some separation between guests and the owners, GFAB organized the guest accommodation into a single 4 bedroom block at the rear of the site beyond the oversized pool.

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