Private House in Bogor
Bogor, Indonesia

Design Phase : 2009
Status              : Completed – 2013

Private (weekend) house for an extended Indonesian-Chinese family based in Jakarta, on the edge of one of the areas major golf courses, the house sits within a street comprised of houses that typify the stylistic exuberance of the Indonesian upper classes and as such looks very different to any of its neighbours.

The house makes use of strong horizontal layering in its design and is essentially conceived as a landscape, with gardens stretching over both its primary levels, and bedrooms, etc located within a garden setting much like the traditional “Pondok” might, albeit a modern reinterpretation.

The owners were able to employ one of their oldest friends as their contractor, and as such the construction standards are excellent. Other friends were able to supply fine materials and fittings to create a house which will stand (and look good) for generations.

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