Niloufar Villa
Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Design Phase : 2005
Status              : Completion- 2007

This project is located in a regency of Bali long known as its “rice bowl” due to the intense agrarian production that formed the core industry of the region. The site itself lies beyond the paddy fields overlooking a steep gorge with a fast flowing river running through it. Major temples are located adjacent to the property and we have sited the building so that all of these features form part of its aspect.

The building, due to its semi-buried nature, presents minimum impact in the surrounding landscape, appearing more like a traditional (small) temple or Bale Bengong (small shelter in the fields) than a large luxury villa.

Stone is derived from the immediate area and the tile roofs are actually made in the nearby village. Some pitched roofs were a condition of the permit and here they feature a double membrane to assist in cooling: the primary membrane is a metal sheet roof, over which the secondary membrane of terracotta tile “rain screen” is laid which offers the final appearance.

The terracotta was made close to the site and absorbs the heat of the sun whilst throwing the zinc roof into deep shade – between them a small gap allows the breeze to exhaust any built up heat. Elsewhere the standard repertoire of pools and planters ensures the building is kept cool with limited demand on mechanical ventilation.

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