Mia Beach Resort
Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Design Phase  : 2013
Status               : 2017 completion

This VIP villa forms part of the Mia Beach resort on which GFAB was consulted in 2008 and at over 2000 square metres is intended for events and as a residential villa for the resorts owners.

The villa sits at the top of a steep cliff face and cantilevers out over the drop to the beach far below, offering panoramic views over Camh Ranh bay. The accommodation includes spa and gym, 20 seat cinema, 2 studies (his and hers), children’s play room, 5 bedrooms and full service kitchen and support accommodation.

Upon entry, a large reflecting pool organizes the circulation which passes a wall made up of lacquer paneling and featuring niches for artifacts. The main living areas feature timber lined ceilings of 5m height and a dramatic feature wall, clad in book-matched marble, bisects the room and is lit from a skylight with water running over it to reduce solar gain.

Whilst the interior furniture selections are by others, the whole design is constructed from very high spec materials throughout and its unusual and dramatic positioning have locally earned it the sobriquet of “the James Bond Villa”.


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