FCC Hotel
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Design Phase 1   : 2002
Design Phase 2  : 2013 – 2014
Phase 1                : Completed- 2004
Phase 2               : 2016 – 2017 completion

After many years in operation as a bar/restaurant serving a press club, the FCC branched into the hotel business in 2004. FCC Angkor is strategically located close to the Royal Palace, a world heritage site, and overlooking the river which winds through Siem Reap.

Initially a derelict police station from the period of French colonial occupation, the building was extended and extensively altered (very little beyond the façade was maintained) to allow the well-established “brand” to begin operations whilst the hotel facilities were under construction. A series of interventions in the landscape like reflecting pools, screening walls, etc, help draw spaces together. Custom furniture was designed by GFAB and fabricated in neighbouring Vietnam.

The accommodation comprises 33 suite rooms, a spa, art gallery, street front retail spaces, 20m swimming pool and a purpose designed billiard room to compliment the library, retail and delicatessen located on the ground floor of phase 1.

In 2013, the brand was purchased by a leading F&B operating group from Bangkok and GFAB were approached to extend and remodel the entire property, including using adjacent land across a small road that feeds the drop off area. The new scheme almost doubles the room count of the property as well as creating a new spa, meeting rooms, plus two new F&B outlets with their own identity. Construction is scheduled to start after the current high season.

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