Condotel Samira
Alibag, India

Design Phase : 2011
Status              : Completed- 2014

This development is for second homes in the Alibag area of Maharashtra state, a popular “escape” from the bustle of Mumbai. The site comprises 7 hectares of former rice paddy on the edge of an existing village, with over 56,000 square metres built-up area.

The design draws its influences from ancient temple complexes found throughout India and features strong axial planning punctuated by landscaped courtyards. Rooftops are developed as terraces and gardens and routes constructed over and through the complex, much as one might explore a temple ruin.

The development comprises over 360 residential units, most of which are designed as duplex-type apartments with double height living areas. The accommodation is made up of a combination of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, each benefiting from several layout options and having floor areas of 65, 110 and 170 square metres respectively. In addition, 7 private villas of 250 square metres are provided on land which falls outside the gaothan and benefits from a lower FSI.

As expected in a 5 star resort, the project also includes an extensive clubhouse and leisure and relaxation spaces, plus, in the greater landscape, a range of sporting and adventure activities.

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